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Hot Log Shear Manufacturer
We are an experienced Taiwan Hot Log Shear manufacturer, supplier, exporter and factory. We make production and development according to SOP. With our marketing and manufacturing experience, open-minded improvement, challenging breakthrough, professional management and innovative design, we have been growing rapidly. If you are interested in any model, please feel free to contact us.
Hot Log Shear Manufacturer
Hot Log Shear - SWM-03
Model: SWM-03
Hot Log Shear


1. The method for cutting billets is cutting from up to down.

2. This equipment has the function of aluminum billet saw and operates in coordination with

LPG direct fire billet heating furnace. You can adjust the length of billet quickly and do all the

processes at one time. Thus, it can save manpower cost for cutting aluminum billet.

3. The rest aluminum billet can be connected to next billet so it can retrench loss of 5mm billet each time.

Thus, there will be no waste material.

4. You can change different quality of aluminum billets which are the same size as you wish.

You do not need to change shear blade. Thus, you can retrench operating time.

5. It can heat from normal temperature to operating temperature in a short time and can retrench gas

consumption effectively.

6. There is an automatic sensor. The light will be on when there is no billet on shelf.

Our expertise has enable us to ensure high quality

Hot Log Shear

by subjecting our products to stringent quality control measures during each stage of production and while dispatch. We sincerely welcome all relevant friends all over the world to come for visit and cooperation!
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